These photos, taken while traveling around the world as a wandering hippie, date back to 1976-77, when I first began my karmic journey as a French Foreign Language Teacher in Owo, Nigeria. From day one, I became addicted to traveling, especially in Asia. I had an inner urge to find out more about the different ethnic cultures, people, and places of interest. But, most of all, I was interested in the search of the inner Self through yoga, beginning in India at Ananda Ashram, Pondicherry, with the late Swami Gitananda. From my personal perspective, knowledge is twofold: theoretical or learning through books; and practical or experiencing the world. Once I had partly finished my postgraduate studies in Montpellier, I embarked on a lifelong quest, which brought me to study yoga and related subjects, such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Western esoteric doctrines, and the I Ching. Deep down inside, my whole raison d’être, my supreme joy and happiness, at least in this lifetime, has been and always will be traveling. Enjoy.